T-ara KPOP & CCM artist in Mongolia

Here are some pictures taken regarding T-ARA in Mongolia, from Incheon to Mongolia Airport
and press conference Sept, 19th and Sept, 20th 2013 :

Departure from Incheon Airport :

T-ara Incheon To Mongolia

T-ara Incheon To Mongolia, credit: songdot.

Arrival at Mongolia Airport :

T-ara,  Mongolia Airport arrival

T-ara, Mongolia Airport, credit: paparatsi.mn.

Video Arrival on News UBS Music : LINK HERE

Press Conference :

T-ara Mongolia Press conference

T-ara Mongolia Press conference, credit : shuud.mn.

T-ara Mongolia Press conference.

T-ara Mongolia Press conference, credit : shuud.mn.

T-ARA and others CCM artits : Davichi, The SeeYa, and SPEED, are invited by the Mongolia “ETV HD” TV channel,

They will perform in the Central Stadium of Ulaanbaatar on September 21th, 2013.

2013 oct, T-ara Korean comeback

2013 oct t-ara korean comeback

2013 oct t-ara korean comeback

T-ara will comeback on October !.. can’t wait ?

There will three minutes teaser coming on 25th.

The  mini album will  contained  5-6  songs.

The agency officially said, “The songs have a line that will be more traditional t-ara,  music with powerful t-ara sound, add more addictive but will keep highlighted the music”.

*source : http://news.nate.com


6 t-ara 2009 & 2013

This is photo of T-ARA taken just now, sept 2013 and the day on their 1st debut back in 2009,

as the time gone by, they grow up, more mature but the charming still the same.

4 years,  Same Formation,  left to right :

Hyomin, Qri, Boram, Soyeon, Jiyeon, Eunjung

t-ara kpop 2013

t-ara kpop 2013, DPG promotions

T-ARA kpop 2009 Lies Debut

T-ARA kpop 2009 Lies Debut

*credit to the photo owner.