guangzhou t-ara 151219 concert group photo

T-ARA held another China concert on dec 19 2015 at Guangzhou

This december, another T-ara Great China Tour was held in Guangzhou on dec 19th, 2015. Qri, Boram, Soyeon, Eunjung, Hyomin and Jiyeon make a very nice performance on the day, with so many China queens come to the venue.

Even Jiyeon was sick and planning to back to South Korea, but the cheers from fans make her strongs and willing to keep going to show her talent with T-ara and her solo performance, here some pictures and video from fans, press and instagrams :

T-ARA making video for The Dream of Three Kingdoms HD

T-ARA making video for The Dream of Three Kingdoms HD

Let us watch the making video and interview while T-ara promoting The Dream of Three Kingdoms game. All T-ara members cosplaying as in game character for the promotional video, all of them are prettym, cute and so adorable.

While the video showwing how T-ara prepare the video shoot, the music playing the Chinese version of So Crazy, very nice background music, while on interview, T-ara speaking Chinese cutely, exspecially Boram. Which T-ara member do you like for the cosplay? to me all of them are so pretty and georgous, check them :

2015HappyHahmKyulDay Eunjung QRi

December 12th is Eunjung and Qri birthday 2015HappyHahmKyulDay

Yes, the hastag from twitter trends for T-ara Eunjung and Qri birthdays is #2015HappyHahmKyulDay, other T-ara members congratulate them in instagram account, we have some screen shoot here, Eunjung said, sweetgirlej: Thank you my friend .. ♡ And also thank you to everyone who gives me a Happy birthday wishes!

2015HappyHahmKyulDay Eunjung QRi Birthday 151212 eunjung

2015HappyHahmKyulDay Eunjung QRi Birthday 151212 eunjung

This picture comes from Soyeon, melodysoyani, #happybirthday #dear#Qri#enjung :

2015HappyHahmKyulDay Eunjung QRi Birthday 151212 from Soyeon

2015HappyHahmKyulDay Eunjung QRi Birthday 151212 from Soyeon

t-ara dream of the three kingdoms

T-ara to promote another China game Dream of Three Kingdoms

Another great news from T-ara, “National husband” Wang Sicong bring its super-popular girl group T-ara endorsement, T-ara will set up as the first formation of teams as army to join the “Dream League” live commercial for promoting this China’s game called Dream of Three Kingdoms, 梦三国手游, as open beta ended, the games will be release on December 17th 2015!

“Dream League” is the “Dream of Three Kingdoms” global event, competing against players from around the world to win, first-year of bonus up to 12 million yuan. It is reported that, in life, T-ara is a MOBA game enthusiasts, they regularly play 3V3 team.

Here is video of T-ara mesasges for the game from youtube account, T-ara with game costume :

some more picture from the sites:

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t-ara Jiyeon sbs mtv the show mc

T-ARA Jiyeon last show as MC for SBS The Show

Yes, already 18 months we watch pretty and talented Jiyeon as MC for SBS The Show, december 8th 2015 is the last day she work at that TV program, we will miss Cute Dino Jiyeon that visit us every week on tv screen or online media, this is sad as described at the youtube channel acc. from red4summer, Jiyeon: “Thanks to The Show in allowing me to meet fans for the past 1 year and 6 months. It gave me the confidence to be myself. I will continue to work hard.”

The Show (Hangul: 더 쇼) is a South Korean music television program broadcast by SBS MTV. It airs live every Tuesday at 8:00 PM KST. It is currently hosted by T-ara’s Jiyeon and Super Junior-M’s Zhou Mi. It is broadcast from the SBS Prism Tower in Sangam-dong, Seoul, South Korea (wiki site, need to be updated )

Let us watch how Jiyeon MC performance for SBS The Show, and how she cried in the end of the show as the last day she was MC-ing, all video and pictures here credit to the owners/uploader :

There area fancam too while Jiyeon leaving the venue, so many fans gave her gift and supports, you can watch in here :

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t-ara the brain tv show China recording

T-ara at Super Brain TV show recording Nanjing China

On December 6th 2015, T-ara was invited to chinese tv show call the brain as a special guest, The Brain (Simplified Chinese: 最强大脑, Pinyin: Zùiqiáng Dànǎo) is a scientific reality and talent show originating in Germany but produced in China. The show’s aim is to find people with exceptional brainpower, as stated at wiki site.

check out this fancam video uploaded by fans, while T-ara recording for the performance :

t-ara airport fashion style to nanjing china eunjung

T-ara fashion style at gimpo airport going to Nanjing China

T-ara will be the guest for chinese famous TV show called ‘The Brain’, let us see how they look at the airport for this event, T-ara look so fresh and their fashion are georgous as always, check this foto and video from press and fancam we found on the net, all credit to the owner :

Look at this video from dispatch, they are all so good..

For more detail style of their fashion, here is some picture you can enjoy our lovely girls :