boram shanghai focus

T-ara Shanghai Fancam Collection HD September 2016

Some nice video of T-ara fancam from youtube i can find, credit to owner / uploader :

Boram – Roly Poly, from youtube account : lopa chang

Boram – For You, from youtube account : Chen Shihmin

Eunjung – Lovey Dovey, from youtube account : Hahmkkai CN, 함께 Hahmkkai :

Eunjung – Why We Separate, from youtube account : Only for Hahm, HD Fancam by OnlyforHahm team :

T-ARA Full Performance @ Shanghai Concert

160917 T-ARA Full Performance at Shanghai Concert

This is T-ara video where they held the great China concert in Shanghai, the final concert with amazing and nice queens there :

Video credit to youtube account owner and T-ara – MBK Entertaiment.

There is another video from fancam, so we can feel the atmosphere in the concert venue with queens fanchanting, screaming and sing a long T-ara :

credit to the owner of the video, uploader and all love for T-ara