As from T-ara Wiki, T-ara is a South Korean girl group that debuted in 2009. Originally a five-member group composed of Jiae, Jiwon, Eunjung, Hyomin, and Jiyeon, they released their first song “Joheun Saram” for the soundtrack of the Korean drama Cinderella Man in April 2009. After Jiae and Jiwon withdrew from the group in June, T-ara debuted as a six-member group with the addition of Boram, Qri, and Soyeon in July 2009.

T-ara (/tiˈɑːrə/; Korean: 티아라, Japanese: ティアラ, KPOP GIRL GROUP

T-ara (/tiˈɑːrə/; Korean: 티아라, Japanese: ティアラ, KPOP GIRL GROUP

T-ara also known as t-ara kpop has added three members to their lineup since debut: Hwayoung in 2010, Areum in June 2012, and Dani to be added in December 2012, thus briefly becoming a nine-member group in 2012, before the departure of Hwayoung in July 2012. T-ara uses a rotating leader system in which a different member of the group is elected as leader each year, in order to give both the group and the individual members the opportunity to grow in a new direction.


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