Busan One Asia Festival 2016

161001 T-ARA at BOF 2016, so crazy opening performance

T-ara scheduled October 4th to perform, and here is the opening performance :
Photo from Press, credit to onwer :

Busan One Asia Opening Performance

Busan One Asia Opening Performance

Video 161001 T-ARA So Crazy @ Busan One Asia Opening Performance
fron youtube account red4summer Channel2,

Here is Jiyeon Fancam by Spinel from youtube account, :

Another Fancam is Eunjung, from youtube account, Bong :

from youtube account Skpb K-Music Live, a video capture from live show :

boram shanghai focus

T-ara Shanghai Fancam Collection HD September 2016

Some nice video of T-ara fancam from youtube i can find, credit to owner / uploader :

Boram – Roly Poly, from youtube account : lopa chang

Boram – For You, from youtube account : Chen Shihmin

Eunjung – Lovey Dovey, from youtube account : Hahmkkai CN, 함께 Hahmkkai :

Eunjung – Why We Separate, from youtube account : Only for Hahm, HD Fancam by OnlyforHahm team :

T-ARA Full Performance @ Shanghai Concert

160917 T-ARA Full Performance at Shanghai Concert

This is T-ara video where they held the great China concert in Shanghai, the final concert with amazing and nice queens there :

Video credit to youtube account owner and T-ara – MBK Entertaiment.

There is another video from fancam, so we can feel the atmosphere in the concert venue with queens fanchanting, screaming and sing a long T-ara :

credit to the owner of the video, uploader and all love for T-ara

t-ara mini concert beijing 2016

T-ara FPlus 52 with M.I.C. Mini Concert Bejing 160521

T-ara visit Beijing China for FPlus 52 Mini concert together with MIC. We can here China queens fanchant for t-ara really loud and after T-ara sing the song, they shout “T-ara.. T-ara” , what amazing queens, same like any other country where T-ara visits, fans always love T-ara appearance.

Here are some picture and video from the concert:

Fancam :

Full Video :

Roly Poly ;

T-ara for MOBA promosional game Dreams of Three Kingdoms

New promotional T-ara for Dream of Three Kingdoms MOBA

After the making of promotional release last year on December, you can watch the video by clicking here, now the game advertising release the prmotional from their website, please watch the making video and the interview from last month. And here are wthe video from lastweek and this week promotional already published.

With amazing graphics and editing effect for the video, all our quoens, they are T-ara members, really suitable for their character and make us want to play the game..

January 21, 2016

January 27, 2016: