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Recently some screen shots conversations that take place in between the application KakaoTalk Story Soyeon T-Ara girlband member with member girlband Sua D-Day and actress Yoon Ee Na scattered online.

T-ara Soyeon - Yoon Eun Hye

T-ara Soyeon – Yoon Eun Hye

What makes their conversations become controversial? Because netizens suspect that the three men were talking about a top actress Hallyu. Responding to criticism of netizens, T-Ara agency Core Contents Media finally spoke up.

The conversation began when the three of them saw Soyeon Sua wear brands Kenzo, and claimed that he has the same clothes. Sua commented that it was difficult to get the clothing brand was then Soyeon answered, “Because lately unni (older female called in Korea) use all brands Kenzo … so I can not use it, I do not want to wear it,”

Then Sua asked, “Who is that unni? So if I had to take off this shirt? Actress Ee Na And then join in the conversation and commented,” What do you mean he is Stitch? Keke, “and Sua responds,” Stitch angry? then Ee Na replied, “Stitch the old.”

Reading the comments Ee Na Sua laughed outright, “Kekekekekekeke he is old??” and Ee Na explains, “Kekekeke you could see a lot of wrinkles on his face ..” and Soyeon added, “He’s a cool Stitch kekekekekeke,” Then Ee Na continued, “But do you know? guess Stitch never brushed their teeth,” and then the conversation turned into the topic of marriage Stitch and they discussed the possibility of coming to the event.

Seeing Soyeon talks, Ee Na Sua and it makes netizens suspect that Stitch in question is actress Yoon Eun Hye. Since the beginning Eun Hye has a nickname Stitch and very fond of clothes brand Kenzo. So that’s a bad assumption to make conversation the three of them become one of the most crowded discussed in various online communities.

When asked for comment, the agency T-Ara said, “Soyeon was very surprised because it was a private conversation the attention of many people. Stitch in question is someone known Soyeon and not have a relationship with an actress who is associated by netizens,” as reported by

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