guangzhou t-ara 151219 concert group photo

T-ARA held another China concert on dec 19 2015 at Guangzhou

This december, another T-ara Great China Tour was held in Guangzhou on dec 19th, 2015. Qri, Boram, Soyeon, Eunjung, Hyomin and Jiyeon make a very nice performance on the day, with so many China queens come to the venue.

Even Jiyeon was sick and planning to back to South Korea, but the cheers from fans make her strongs and willing to keep going to show her talent with T-ara and her solo performance, here some pictures and video from fans, press and instagrams :

t-ara Jiyeon sbs mtv the show mc

T-ARA Jiyeon last show as MC for SBS The Show

Yes, already 18 months we watch pretty and talented Jiyeon as MC for SBS The Show, december 8th 2015 is the last day she work at that TV program, we will miss Cute Dino Jiyeon that visit us every week on tv screen or online media, this is sad as described at the youtube channel acc. from red4summer, Jiyeon: “Thanks to The Show in allowing me to meet fans for the past 1 year and 6 months. It gave me the confidence to be myself. I will continue to work hard.”

The Show (Hangul: 더 쇼) is a South Korean music television program broadcast by SBS MTV. It airs live every Tuesday at 8:00 PM KST. It is currently hosted by T-ara’s Jiyeon and Super Junior-M’s Zhou Mi. It is broadcast from the SBS Prism Tower in Sangam-dong, Seoul, South Korea (wiki site, need to be updated )

Let us watch how Jiyeon MC performance for SBS The Show, and how she cried in the end of the show as the last day she was MC-ing, all video and pictures here credit to the owners/uploader :

There area fancam too while Jiyeon leaving the venue, so many fans gave her gift and supports, you can watch in here :

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T-ara Soyeon pretty 2015 georgeous MC APAN STAR AWARDS

On november 28, 2015 APAN Star Awards hosted by T-ara Soyeon

T-ara Soyeon, again show us her very cute and adorable side as MC for APAN Star Awards this year 2015, so this is her third time as MC, last year 2014, and also 2013 T-ara Soyeon couples with male celebrity, this year is actor Lee Hoon host the ceremony.

Soyeon fashion this year so elegant and georgeous, with one-shoulder black dress, our Soyeon it is a queen to ours, even her hair not that style much, but she is pretty like an angel, check this fotos, from PRESS, all credits to the onwer, you can see the tag inside the images, we just collect it for you to see:

T-ara Soyeon pretty 2015 georgeous MC APAN STAR AWARDS

T-ara Soyeon pretty 2015 georgeous MC APAN STAR AWARDS

Here is slideshow for you to see how pretty T-ara Soyeon as MC for that ceremony:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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t-ara hefei china 2015 concert full

151024 T-ARA – Hefei Concert Full

Tha concert of T-ara in Great China always have a big success and make other queens from others country jeaolus to them. Let’s watch our T-ara performance full recording from one of china queen’s fancam.

T ara have their concert at Heifei on October 24, this is the first concert of T ara after signed with Banana Plan. T ara performed 22 songs and sold out more than 5000 tickets.

So many video of T-ara concert, here is one from youtube account, ♔T-ARA♔ Sweet Temptation, showing T-ara full concert while in Hefei with the quality and duration is best to wacth, enjoy the video :

T-ara Soyeon Solo Hefei China concert

151024 T-ARA Solo Soyeon-Hyomin-Eunjung-Jiyeon at Hefei Concert

In one cuts, a solo video collections while T-ara concert in Hefei China on oct 24, 2015 , Soyeon singing ‘I can fly’, Hyomin sing her own song form solo debut titled ‘nice body’, Eunjung latest and fresh song from the T-ara web drama sounctrack where she was the singer of the song in the drama, the title is ‘goodbye’ and last the sexy, pretty and adorable maknae Jiyeon singing ‘never ever’ a song from her solo debut album.., they are all amazing and beautiful..

From youtube account red4summer channel here is they performance on the concert :

T-ara quiz on korea 2015

2015 Quiz on Korea 2015 sub eng T-ara appearance and Enjung MC

One of our T-ara member that is cutie and talented, Eunjung, appointed as MC for Quiz on Korea 2015, and also T-ara perform on the show, what is Quiz On Korea? as written on wiki website, Quiz on Korea is a South Korean television game show organized as part of an annual international public diplomacy program by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Korea and KBS television.

The quiz tests participants general knowledge of Korea. Quiz on Korea aims to help spread Hallyu, the “Korean Wave”. After preliminary on their origin country, the final round is filmed at KBS studios in Seoul[3] and broadcast on KBS as a special program for the Chuseok (Korean Thanksgiving) holidays.

Wacth this KBS program, where Eunjung as MC, the Quiz On Korea 2015 with english sub from oficial KBS World youtube channel:

Showcase T-ara - A.M.N 2015

Showcase T-ara – 티아라, A.M.N asia music network 2015

T-ara and other artits under MBK entertainment perform a showcase at AMN on 2015-9-11, this Asia Music Network that will take place annually in the Digital Media City- a state of the art digital media entertainment cluster located in Sangam, Seoul. The AMN is a professional gathering of Asia’s top and most influential leaders in music, entertainment, business, and networking, lauch by MBK and LIAK.

Other artits from anothers label will also perform the showcase. (detail:

Let’s watch T-ara performance and other MBK artists like Shannon and DIA perform together, they are all so amazing..