t-ara mini concert beijing 2016

T-ara FPlus 52 with M.I.C. Mini Concert Bejing 160521

T-ara visit Beijing China for FPlus 52 Mini concert together with MIC. We can here China queens fanchant for t-ara really loud and after T-ara sing the song, they shout “T-ara.. T-ara” , what amazing queens, same like any other country where T-ara visits, fans always love T-ara appearance.

Here are some picture and video from the concert:

Fancam :

Full Video :

Roly Poly ;

T-ara World of Warships - games - pictures

T-ara at Gimpo airport going to Beijing from promoting World of Warships in China

T-ara fashion for the airport are always catchy, press and queens come to see T-ara airport fashion styles, this time taken at Gimpo airport. T-ara going to Beijing regarding the promotions of a game, ‘World of Warships’ in China. Here is T-ara pictures and videos at the airport, these pictures and videos was taken by fan that is queem’s and PRESS.

Some pictures were taken very sharp and nicely, so we can see the detail of their clothes, as always their fashion and our Queens are beautiful and georgous while they walking to the check-in gate at the airport, check them all..

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Logo vchart yinyuetai 2015

150411 T-ara win at the ‘3rd YinYueTai V-Chart Awards’ 2015

As we all now that T-ara win 2 thropy and 1 for Jiyeon in Beijing, China, where the 3rd YinYueTai V-Chart Awards 2015 was held on April 11th 2015, Jiyeon got “Best Korean Female Artist”, and T-ara got “Most Popular Korean Artist” and “Hot Trend Korean Artist”, here is the pics and videos from PRESS, fans, etc..

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Airport Pics:

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