Busan One Asia Festival 2016

161001 T-ARA at BOF 2016, so crazy opening performance

T-ara scheduled October 4th to perform, and here is the opening performance :
Photo from Press, credit to onwer :

Busan One Asia Opening Performance

Busan One Asia Opening Performance

Video 161001 T-ARA So Crazy @ Busan One Asia Opening Performance
fron youtube account red4summer Channel2,

Here is Jiyeon Fancam by Spinel from youtube account, :

Another Fancam is Eunjung, from youtube account, Bong :

from youtube account Skpb K-Music Live, a video capture from live show :

T-ara quiz on korea 2015

2015 Quiz on Korea 2015 sub eng T-ara appearance and Enjung MC

One of our T-ara member that is cutie and talented, Eunjung, appointed as MC for Quiz on Korea 2015, and also T-ara perform on the show, what is Quiz On Korea? as written on wiki website, Quiz on Korea is a South Korean television game show organized as part of an annual international public diplomacy program by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Korea and KBS television.

The quiz tests participants general knowledge of Korea. Quiz on Korea aims to help spread Hallyu, the “Korean Wave”. After preliminary on their origin country, the final round is filmed at KBS studios in Seoul[3] and broadcast on KBS as a special program for the Chuseok (Korean Thanksgiving) holidays.

Wacth this KBS program, where Eunjung as MC, the Quiz On Korea 2015 with english sub from oficial KBS World youtube channel: