T-ara Soyeon pretty 2015 georgeous MC APAN STAR AWARDS

On november 28, 2015 APAN Star Awards hosted by T-ara Soyeon

T-ara Soyeon, again show us her very cute and adorable side as MC for APAN Star Awards this year 2015, so this is her third time as MC, last year 2014, and also 2013 T-ara Soyeon couples with male celebrity, this year is actor Lee Hoon host the ceremony.

Soyeon fashion this year so elegant and georgeous, with one-shoulder black dress, our Soyeon it is a queen to ours, even her hair not that style much, but she is pretty like an angel, check this fotos, from PRESS, all credits to the onwer, you can see the tag inside the images, we just collect it for you to see:

T-ara Soyeon pretty 2015 georgeous MC APAN STAR AWARDS

T-ara Soyeon pretty 2015 georgeous MC APAN STAR AWARDS

Here is slideshow for you to see how pretty T-ara Soyeon as MC for that ceremony:

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T-ara Soyeon Solo Hefei China concert

151024 T-ARA Solo Soyeon-Hyomin-Eunjung-Jiyeon at Hefei Concert

In one cuts, a solo video collections while T-ara concert in Hefei China on oct 24, 2015 , Soyeon singing ‘I can fly’, Hyomin sing her own song form solo debut titled ‘nice body’, Eunjung latest and fresh song from the T-ara web drama sounctrack where she was the singer of the song in the drama, the title is ‘goodbye’ and last the sexy, pretty and adorable maknae Jiyeon singing ‘never ever’ a song from her solo debut album.., they are all amazing and beautiful..

From youtube account red4summer channel here is they performance on the concert :

October 5 is Soyeon birthday

October 5 is Soyeon birthday. She is now 26 ( born 1987).

worldwide twitter trending for her birhtday is #1005_SOYANIday
koran trending is #소연아생일축하해 : Yeon Ah happy birthday

t-ara Soyeon

t-ara Soyeon , cr: t-arasoyeon.com

Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery but today is a gift, that’s why it’s called a present. Enjoy your present today, happy birthday Soyeon.